“I absolutely love our home! Each room is its own jewel, and each time I enter a space, I delight all over again in its charm, warmth and beauty, and feel grateful to the team who helped create it.”

–Theresa Davidson–

“I take pleasure in recommending Wadia Associates Inc. to anyone who wishes to have a house designed and built, regardless of its size or complexity.”

–David Guerrant–

“And, while the thought of building a new home is far over the horizon, there is no question that if that day comes, the architect we would choose would again be Wadia.”

–Gary Vogel–

“The potting shed and greenhouses are truly a one-of-a-kind model of seamless beauty, form and function to which others simply cannot be compared. You should be very proud of them, indeed!”

–John Horn–

“The finished product was beyond any of our expectations. We love living in our home and are so pleased with the way you were able to make our vision become reality.”

–Larry Sapanski–

“Dinyar’s familiarity with our house and his firm’s reputation for creative architecture and quality construction perfectly suited our needs and requirements.”

–Morley & Lon Moellentine–

“We cannot thank you enough for listening to all of our thoughts and taking the time to understand what we value, what is important to us … in order to design the perfect house for us.”

–Sonal & Ronak Khichadia–

“We greatly appreciate the attention to detail, advice on architecture and design choices, and oversight that you and your team brought to the project.”

–Punya & Vimal Shah–

“Superb craftsmanship and attention to details. What a joy to live in this house!”

–Farrokh & Gulestan Deboo–

“No other architect could have given us the design and high level of service to remodel a house built in the 1930’s, which was in ruins, and put it back so that it looked and felt like it had always been meticulously maintained.”

–George and Frayda Lindemann–

“It is a rare pleasure to work with someone who is truly so cooperative and understanding of our needs … cost-conscious and easy to work with.”

–Tricia and David Rogers–

“Simply put, we love our house… I have only one complaint. I love being home so much that we’re taking less frequent vacations!”

–Veronica and David Verklin–

“The old storage shed, now my tea house, is a perfect spot for my friends and myself to have a quiet afternoon tea — away from the phone and the bustle of daily life.”


“Dinyar took the time to understand our design requirements and guided us through a process that resulted in a home that we are completely satisfied with.”

–Sheila and Charles Perrin–

“Dinyar helped us realize the importance of the relationship of landscape to architecture and how exponentially the landscape enhances a wonderful home.”

–Sandra and Lewis Bakes–

“On behalf of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America, Dinyar Wadia is a leading inspiration. I commend his example and thank him for it.”

–Paul Gunther–

“Every time I drive up to the house, I admire the exterior façade and once inside, marvel at the beautiful interior and built in conveniences which make our house so special.”

–Leslie and Michael Petrick–

“We cannot thank you enough for the seamless integration from the initial meetings, the cleverly conceived conception of the plans, and the attention to every detail. No stone was left unturned, and the result is nothing less than spectacular.”

–Gary Julian–

“Dinyar’s vision, encyclopedic knowledge of architecture, unyielding ethics, quest for perfection, and insistence on client satisfaction reminded us every day that we made the right decision to work with his firm.”

–Shiva and Drew Pearson–

“Dinyar is incredibly talented, humble, generous, committed, kind, patient and honest…”

–Kristy & Jonathan Korngold–

“Through many of the difficult decisions that needed to be made, I felt confident and secure to have made them with guidance, experience and knowledge behind me.”

–Dawn & John Egan–

“The design and decorating is just so beautiful that words cannot describe our gratitude.”

–Kusum & Sanjiv Das–

“John and I also appreciated your candid advice on ways that we could achieve the design and look we wanted without having to over extend our budget.”

–Tricia & John Hartner–

“I found Dinyar to be creative and very enjoyable to work with. His three decades of experience in the high-end design world are easily discernible when one looks at the manner in which the house flows and the way it looks from the outside. Just as importantly, his professional standing is reflected in the ethical manner in which he conducts business.”

–Tommy Hilfiger–

“Dinyar Wadia was there every step of the way, listening closely to our ideas and making them take form.”

–Patricia & Alfredo Grumser Filho–

“Every room is picture perfect, yet more importantly, comfortable to live in. You spared no attention to detail, while keeping everything understated as was our desire.”

–Janet and Mark Mitchel–

“Our house is wonderful because of his devotion to beauty and quality.”

–David Windreich & Chris Hikawa–

“Dinyar’s passion for designing perfection and commitment to understanding and implementing our renovation preferences was incredible.”

–Barbara & David Messer–

“Dinyar has an uncanny ability to get it right when it comes to the scale of the rooms as well as the intricate details within each room.”

–Cindy Biondi–

“Dinyar has designed for us a warm, friendly home, full of light and wonderful views.”

–Arlene & Reuben Mark–

“We knew our project wasn’t extremely large; however, you gave us confidence by taking a personal interest every step of the way.”

–Philip & Lucie Ross–

“Dinyar and his team are the epitome of a client-focused organization.”

–Indra K. Nooyi–

“Thank you for the stunning residence you helped us design. All who enter our home give us wonderful compliments, and we are quick to sing your praises.”

–Capucine & David Gooding–

“We feel very strongly about Dinyar, His Team, and their abilities, and have referred two clients who have designed and built with them. Both have had similar experiences.”

–Diviya & Alex Magaro–

“It is an honor to recommend you to anyone who is truly interested in creating a timeless home of distinction.”

–Spencer Falk–

“From the day we first met you until today, we have been impressed with the first-class professional manner which you, personally, and your staff have dealt with us.”

–Lee Raymond–

“The home you and your team designed and built for us could not be more perfect for our family.”

–Kristy & Rafa de la Sierra–