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Although primarily known for their residential designs, Wadia Associates has also designed a number of commercial and office spaces throughout Fairfield County.

The project shown here is Wadia’s own office in New Canaan. One of the key design considerations for this new office, given the nature of Wadia’s work, was that it had to have a warm residential interior. Yet, Wadia also recognized the need for a modern commercial workspace. The result is an imaginative marriage of function and form. The library is designed to be the heart of the office around which the reception area, conference room, design studio, and stair hall are situated. Naturally illuminated by a sky-lit atrium through an open vaulted ceiling, the library exudes a wonderful sense of warmth, which is enhanced by book-lined shelves, inviting wood paneling, and a cozy sitting area.

Another of our commercial projects is for the Greenwich headquarters of an Investment Bank, and was designed and built in collaboration with architect Harvey Webber. The client — whom Wadia has also designed a house for — was so enamored with Wadia’s offices in New Canaan, he asked that his own offices be designed using a similar palette of materials and details. We are also currently working on the interior design of a private medical clinic in Manhattan.

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