Picturesque Queen Anne Manor

ALTHOUGH ASYMMETRY IS A HALLMARK OF QUEEN ANNE ARCHITECTURE, the layout for this lovely waterfront residence, was principally determined more by the funnel-shaped contours of the property. In addition, the owners asked that the house be as low key as possible—especially when viewed from the street and upon its approach. Accordingly, Wadia designed the home to unfold slowly with interesting twists and turns so that its overall size could never be taken in at once. All of the principal rooms were designed to overlook Long Island Sound, although in the warmer months the view is more often appreciated by the family from the wide porch that extends along the rear of the house.

In classic Queen Anne style, the house features a steeply pitched slate roof with highly decorative peak ornaments punctuating the fragmented roofline. Patterned shingles, overhanging stories, and an entrance tower combine to create the picturesque appeal so valued by this form of architecture. The detailing is also typically eclectic with medieval paneled chimneys, classical porch columns, and the use of a variety of exterior sheathing materials—fieldstone, brick, slate and shingles. Taken together, the home achieves a sense of romance and refinement in the best of the Queen Anne tradition.

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