Mead Point Tudor

THIS TUDOR ESTATE, modeled after Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire, England, is one of the last remaining Greenwich mansions built during the “Great Estate” era dating from 1880 to 1930. Built by Greenwich architect, Edgar Self, the home boasts one of the loveliest natural settings on the Greenwich shorefront. The design of the home is distinctive for the half-timbering in the gables, the sharply pitched roofs with clustered chimneys, and the use of banks of windows of different sizes to give a feeling of openness.

Sadly, over the years the house had been badly neglected. In an extensive renovation begun in the early l980’s, Wadia completely restored the exterior of the house and made significant changes to the interior floor plan to reorganize the master suite. To repair the roof, all the slate tiles were removed and then replaced once repairs were completed. The red-hued bricks, which were specially made to imitate the small size and colors of those of Compton Wynyates, had to be cleaned and re-pointed. Likewise, all of the limestone accents around the windows were cleaned and re-pointed, and the lovely stained glass windows were cleaned and re-leaded. Much of the half-timbering had rotted and was replaced with matching wood, and all of the terraces were rebuilt. In addition, Wadia gutted and renovated the pool house and built a guest cottage on the property.

Today, fully restored to its former glory, the house stands as a reminder of a bygone era, where the giants of American trade and finance built summer “cottages” and ultimately created a unique architectural legacy.

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